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Best Phone Bags in 2023

Pockets are not the best spot to carry your expensive cell phone. They get too banged up and they are very vulnerable for pickpockets to snag. To keep your phone safe you should use one of the top 13 best Phone Bags in 2023.

These top phone bags have extra pockets for other needed items including power banks and more. Plus, they are not hard to carry as they are stylish, colorful, and come with several handles. They are also made from top durable materials that keep your phones nice and safe.

After reading all about these top phone bags continue on to read our buyer’s guide. It gives you helpful tips on what to look for when searching for a good phone bag to use. Spend a few minutes finding out why these are the best of the best.

List of Best Phone Bags in 2023


13. Sentient Wolf Water-Resistant Phone Bag

13. Wolf Water-Resistant Oxford Fabric Multifunction Phone Bag One Shoulder Phone Waist

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Give your phone a nice place to rest by putting it in this water-resistant phone bag. It is made from tough oxford fabric so it can stand up to daily use with ease. Plus, it comes with 3 ways to carry it making it a very convenient phone bag to have around.

Then with its multiple pockets, you can place other needed small items inside this bag. Never be at a loss for what you need when you have this top bag around your neck. This lightweight phone bag should not weigh you down as you move between appointments or classes. The bag measures approx. 5 by 8 by 2 inches in size, keeping it just large enough for 7-inch phones to fit inside easily.

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12. Horscrite Phone Bag – Best Phone Bags

12.Phone Bag Purse Wallet Crossbody Bag Lightweight Roomy Pockets Smartphone Sports

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If you like looking professional then this all-black phone bag is for you. Its dark color keeps that business professional look you have and makes sure you do not lose any respect when you have it with you.

On top of that, you have approx. 7 by 4 by 2 inches of space to fill. Besides putting your cell phone inside you have pockets for cash, credit cards, and other small items you need. It is a convenient way to carry necessities.

The water repellent construction material makes sure your contents remain as dry as possible. An adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry this bag in several ways. A little heart adds a tiny decorative feature to highlight the good look of this phone bag.

11. AOCINA Small Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

11.Small Crossbody Cell Phone Purse Wallet Card Slots Small Crossbod

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For the woman who does not want to carry anything and everything when they go out. This small cellphone bag gives you enough room for the essentials involved with a woman’s lifestyle. The magnetic closure keeps those essentials inside nice and safe.

In addition, you have room for cash, credit cards, and other smaller items in its 5 pockets and 3 card slots. An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to find a comfortable fit and its lightweight should not be hard on your shoulders.

Also, this bag comes in a variety of colors so you can find just the right one for you. Having a colorful selection to choose from makes using this phone bag a lot better. The bag is stylish, easy to work with, and nice looking.

10. Befen Cell Phone Crossbody Wallet – Best Phone Bags

10.Cell Phone Crossbody Wallet Purse, Women Small Leather

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Made from leather your overall fashion statement will not be harmed by this [phone bag. It is a tough but good looking bag that lets you customize what you carry with you when you go out on the town.

No matter what type of phone you have if it is the standard size or smaller you should be able to place it inside this top phone bag. Then with the variety of colors to choose from you can make several fashion statements.

After you get everything placed inside the magnetic closure holds them nice and tight. Your contents should not spill out even if you drop[ the bag accidentally. The 8 by 5 by 1-inch bag comes with a nice shoulder strap for easy carrying.

9. Myfriday Women Vintage Crossbody Phone Bag

9.Vintage Crossbody Phone Bag, Small Messenger Shoulder Bag Cash Handbag Wallet Purs

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Brown goes with any color and this nice looking brown bag will fit your fashion style with ease. If it doesn’t there are 9 other colors you can choose from to complete your look. The hardware on this bag is resistant to rust making sure the bag loo0ks its best all the time.

Also, the 2 pockets carry enough space in them for you to pack all of your essential items with ease. It is 8 by 5 by 2 inches approx. Dimensions have room for about a 7-inch phone or smaller.

Then if you do not want it you can remove the shoulder strap and carry this phone bag any way you want. You have style, convenience, ease of use, and a durable phone bag to use with this product.

8. Heaye Crossbody Cell Phone Purse – Best Phone Bags

8. Crossbody Cell Phone Purse for Women Wristlet Wallet with Phone Holder RFID

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The transparent window on this top phone bag lets you keep an eye on your phone and see who is calling you without pulling it out of its pocket. Once the phone is placed inside it is protected by the durable fabric used to create this bag.

Zipper closure on both pockets gives your mind a little rest. Your contents are secure and no going to fall out at the most embarrassing moment. Then you can carry this bag using the adjustable shoulder strap, your hand, or your wrist. It is flexible when it comes to transporting your items.

Then the golden hardware adds its decorative touch and has you looking great with its unique design. It’s a handy little phone bag to have around as your pockets can’t hold everything.

7. Danny K Women’s Tapestry Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

7.Small Crossbody Bag Cell Phone Purse Wallet with Credit Card Slots for Women

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Take a little risk with your fashion style and employ this multi-colored phone bag to hold your cell phone, passport, or other daily necessities. It looks good and should complement a variety of fashion outfits you like to wear.

There are enough decorative designs to help you add a little playful influence to your fashion look. Then the 7 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch bag should have enough room for your cell phone, cash, cards, and i.d.

A removable shoulder strap lets you put this bag in a larger purse, or over your shoulder. You can carry it with ease as it does not weigh a lot. A zipper closure handles the security duties without complaint.

6. Kukoo Small Crossbody Bag – Best Phone Bags

6.Women's Tapestry Crossbody Cell Phone or Passport Purse, Handmade in USA

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Show your conservative side with this solid light blue phone bag. It makes a nice fashion statement without being too bold or brash. It is approx. 7 by 4 by 1-inch size has room for your cell phone keeping it safe while you walk through the crowds.

On top of that, you have 8 card slots to hold credit cards, i.d. and membership passes. Besides the cell phone, there is also a place to put your checkbook if you do not want to pay in cash or use a credit card.

Then the sturdy shoulder strap should keep this bag safe by your side as you go about your day. With multiple colors to choose from, you can have a cell phone bag for every day of the week,

5. S-ZONE PU Leather Crossbody Cell Phone Bag

5.PU Leather RFID Blocking Crossbody Cell Phone Bag for Women Wallet Purse

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The best feature of this phone bag is its ability to be RFID blocking. Your credit card information is safe once you place them inside this bag. Then the zipper closure keeps them even safer as your cards remain inside till you pull them out.

A magnetic clasp protects your cell without making it hard for you to reach for your phone. The adjustable strap allows you to find your comfort zone when it is time to leave your office or place of work and go home.

With a very lightweight you may not remember that you have a bag over your shoulder. And with 9 colors to choose from, you can remain stylish no matter what.

4. JM Just Must Small Crossbody Bag Cell Phone Purse

4.Small Crossbody Bag Cell Phone Purse Wallet Lightweight Roomy Travel Passport Bag Crossbody Handbags for Women

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The little tassel on the side provides this good looking phone bag with a nice decorative touch. It just adds that little something extra that makes your fashion style just right.

Measuring 8 by 5 inches in size you should be able to fit a standard cell phone inside with ease. Then the snap closure holds it where you put it so you can concentrate on other things. The shoulder strap provides a 25-inch drop.

Also, you can place other needed items inside when you do not feel like dragging a heavy purse with you all day. The 10 color options let you be a little creative with your style opening up new ways for you to look great.

3. HAIDEXI Lightweight Cell Phone Purse

3.Lightweight Small Crossbody bags Cell Phone Purses Travel Pouch Shoulder Bag for Women

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The white color used on this phone bag provides you with a classy, elegant look. It is a perfect clutch to use when you have a formal engagement to attend. The slender 7 by 5 by 2 inch approx., size does not bulk up your look nor does anything to make you look bad.

Along with that classy look, you get 4 pockets to pack everything you need for a nice night on the town. Cash, cards, i.d. and your cellphone all have a place to go inside this top phone bag. Then if you do not like white, you can still have that classy, elegant look in a variety of other colors this phone bag comes in.

2. seOSTO Womens Small Crossbody Bag

2. Womens Small Crossbody Bag, Tassel Cell Phone Purse Holder Wallet

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This nice brown leather-like phone bag brings a touch of the old west with it. Once you put it over your shoulder you may feel like a western star. Its 2 tassels make sure you get those feelings.

Its interior design holds 3 pockets making sure you have a place to put your phone and other important documents. Made from PU leather you have a phone bag that looks good, feels good and is very durable. The adjustable strap holds this bag comfortably on your shoulder or across your body so you can enjoy the day without worry.

1. My Friday Small Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

1.Small Crossbody Cell Phone Purse for Women, Mini Messenger Shoulder Bag Wallet with Credit Card Slots

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Go out in style with your romantic interest and make sure you have everything you need with you. This phone bag looks good and is very practical with its 3 pockets. If you have a fight, you have cash, cards, I,.d. and your keys so you can get home safe and sound.

The zipper closures make sure your contents remain inside through the night and keeps them very accessible. The approx. 7 by 5 by 3-inch bag has the room you need so you can feel secure.

Then when you feel innovative, creative, or playful you can pick this phone bag up in a variety of colors to match your mood.

Our Buying Guide for Best Phone Bags


Go with a top brand as that is the way to get the best bag with the best construction materials possible.


You have flexibility here as you are in command of what goes inside. Pick the one that has the room you need all the time


Again you are in command and the color you pick should fit your personality, fashion sense as well as look good


Magnetic closures are okay but they can be too easy to open. Zipper closures are best


You want one with an adjustable strap that can be removed. Having a variety of ways to carry the bag is essential.

In Conclusion

Picking one of the top 13 best bag phones n 2023 may be a bit difficult as there are so many to choose from. Get the one that is practical for you without losing any style, class, or good looks. They are all well made and very durable phone bags.

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