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Top 10 Best Gun Cabinets in 2023

Owning a gun allows you to sleep better at night knowing you are able to protect yourself in case of unforeseen incidents. Since guns are quite the investment, they require some work to keep safe and in good condition. The best gun cabinet will protect a gun from theft and fire while keeping it only within reach of the right users. It also keeps it in the required temperature range for guns to ensure your investment stays as effective as it should. 

Take a look at this list of the best gun cabinets on the market.

List of The Best Gun Cabinet in 2023

10. Golval Security Electronic Cabinet

Golval Security Electronic Cabinet

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This cabinet features five live-action securing bolts that lock the door permanently once shut. It also comes with two back-up keys that guarantee the user’s convenience if the original tickets were lost or stolen. Within the packaging is mounting hardware for the floor or securing it on the wall. The electronic lock features lights to signal open, incorrect pin, and low battery. Its 9-volt simple, long-lasting batteries are easy to set up. Its 16.5in x 14.2in x 55.1in dimensions and approximate 135 lbs. express that it can secure up to 8 shotguns or rifles and incase more room is needed, the safe also comes with a dismountable accessory shelf.


  • Sturdy and spacious
  • Affordable
  • Has carpenter interior, barrel rest, and an upper shelf


  • Doesn’t come with a user manual

9. Pistols  Handgun Cabinet

Pistols Handgun Cabinet

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The Pistols Handgun’s compact design makes it easy to stash in well-hidden easy to access locations discreetly. Moreover, its desk-mounted shape makes it mountable from any desired direction according to the user’s preference. It has a design to safely and responsibly secure handguns or pistols from someone who doesn’t understand its purposes, like young children at home or anyone who desires to steal it. 

Its unique biometric print, code, and critical access options are easy to set up since it comes with an easy-to-follow user installation manual that allows quick entry. In the case of multiple users, the biometric fingerprint access allows 120 sets of prints. It is tamper-proof and sturdy steel; this gun safe is durable and cannot be scratched. This feature effectively keeps out intruders and children, making it a reliable choice for household or business security.


  • Easy access
  • Made of steel for durability 
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • The user manual could be clearer

8. Moutec Biometric Shotgun Cabinet 

Moutec Biometric Shotgun Cabinet 

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The new and improved rifle safe is conveniently spacious, large and it comes with a complimentary organizer at request enabling it to store up 5-7 rifles and a few handguns. Weighing 108 pounds, this safe is with 14-gauge carbon steel in the interior and an 11-gauge carbon steel 1.75-inch-thick door, which, together with its durable finish, guarantees top-level security for the firearms. It also ensures endurance and prevents corrosion.

The safe comes with a smart biometric scanner, a 4-digit code with a proximity sensor, and a key lock, which allows the user to pick the most convenient access option during emergencies. The high security works to keep the guns safe from children and casual intruders. Featuring four mounting holes on the back and two on the bottom, the safe should be attached securely to the wall or floor due to its bulky nature.


  • Comes with several accessories
  • Reliable customer care
  • Has four mounting holes for sturdy installation


  • Quite hefty at 108lbs

7. Moutec Electronic-Security Cabinet

Moutec Electronic-Security Cabinet

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Mostly made of alloy, metal, and steel, this safe isn’t thick, neither is it tamper-proof, but it effectively keeps children out of reach of the guns, making it perfect for domestic use. It comes with a sturdy keypad code and a hidden key lock, which, together with the silent mode, heightens security. 

It is large and spacious with deepened dimensions, making room for an additional internal safe with separate keys from the central safe, suitable for hiding documents or smaller handguns. It stores 5-6 shotguns or rifles with or without scopes. With three mounting holes in the back and two at the bottom part, this safe is easily mountable to the wall or the floor, although due to its light yet solid structure, this isn’t mandatory.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Efficient customer care service
  • Can store 5 to 6 rifles


  • Installation is a little complicated

6. Barska Biometric Cabinet

Barska Biometric Cabinet

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Weighing at 0.4kg and made of 14gauge thick aluminum metal and its walls made with 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} steel, this safe is practically durable. It also features specially made three built-in anti-pry concealed steel door hinges, ensuring that neither children nor intruders can access the weapons with ease. The DOJ approved safe provides quick and easy access and ample room for storage of firearms, rifles, handguns, and all types of ammunition. It easily accommodates up to 4 rifles and pistols with ease, but if you require more space for more massive guns, it also comes with a detachable shelf. 

With a biometric print scanner that features a silent mode option for discretion, this safe allows access to your guns in under 2.5 seconds. The print scanner allows up to 120 sets of prints in its installation system, making it suitable for domestic use. It fits in any place effortlessly and has pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware, which would allow it to be securely attached to any wall or floor which comes recommended.


  • 1-year warranty 
  • Useful accessories
  • Reasonably light for a safe its size 


  • Not fireproof

5. RPNB Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet

RPNB Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet

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Built small with sturdy steel, this DOJ approved safe provides enduring protection and use for a long time. It has a non-corrosive black finish that fronts a professional look making it comfortably blend into any space. Its compact feature makes it convenient to safely store a pistol away from unaware children or in the car.

 It comes with two keys for manual use, a biometric scan, and an up to 8-digit backlit keypad. This 3-point entry accommodates instant and effortless access into the safe in a few seconds. The safe features high-end anti-pry protection with its tamper-proof door, sturdy dual-layer interior, and body with seamless welding to resist prying, ultimately preventing theft. It also comes with easy to set up mounting hardware, which allows it to anchor to the floor.


  • Clear user manual
  • 1-year warranty
  • Has a backlit keypad for convenience at night


  • Batteries are not included in the package 

4. AmazonBasics Gun Cabinet

AmazonBasics Gun Cabinet

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This safe, made of tamper-resistant steel, weighs 16.5 pounds and has a 0.5 cubic foot interior hold. It offers durability with its long-lasting solid construction and rugged reliability. Its floors have carpeting to provide additional protection from scratches or damage.  The safe comes equipped with an electronic lock, which offers easy and fast set up after battery installation and two emergency manual override keys if the electronic lock malfunctions or the battery runs out. Although the digital keypad doesn’t offer a silent mode option, it comes with three indication symbols to show low battery, locked, and unlocked. 

In terms of additional security, the safe has two live door bolts, a tamper-proof steel door, and concealed hinges, which are pry-resistant, which might not be enough to keep out thieves. Still, it effectively prevents access of children and casual priers. Its exterior features give it a professional look, making it suitable for home or office use. It comes with easy to install mounting hardware and two bolts, making it effortlessly mountable to the floor, wall, or shelf.


  • Affordable
  • Made of sturdy material for longevity
  • Has two live door bolts for extra security


  • Not fireproof or waterproof

3. SentrySafe Biometric Safe

SentrySafe Biometric Safe

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The QAP2BEL safe weighs 15.75 pounds and is 14 inches of solid steel and soft interior construction. Together with its digital keypad and manual override key, this feature provides capable security for your firearms.  This DOJ certified gun safe is large enough to accommodate one large pistol and ammunition or two primary handguns. It has built-in interior lighting to increase visibility and provides easy access to your guns with no need for additional lighting.

 It is ideal for home use since it features a biometric print scanner for advanced safety and a gas strut to quickly and quietly open the safe door and gain access t0 your gun at most discretion.  The safe provides extra security from intruders or children with its pry-resistant hinges and bolts. This feature, together with its mounting hardware, makes it acceptable for home use. 


  • Comes with a year’s warranty
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Quite light at 15.75lbs


  • Batteries sold separately

2. SentrySafe Waterproof Digital safe

SentrySafe Waterproof Digital safe

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This UL classified safe is fireproof to endure up to an hour at 1700oF (927oC), and it has been tested in a 15-foot drop to prove that if it falls or burns, the bottom of the safe remains intact. It is also waterproof and ETL verified, built to last up to 24 hours in 8 inches deep water. These unique features offer assurance to the buyer in case of a fire or flood, making it viable for domestic use. With a digital keypad combination and secondary manual keys for security, this safe offers quick and easy access into its interior. 

The safe comes with a pry-resistant door and reinforced hinge bar for additional protection against forced entry by young children or unwanted intruders. It also features a locking drawer for extra storage and an interior sensory LED light for visibility. It comes packed with mounting hardware to allow attachment to a wall or anchoring to the floor.


  • Mounting hardware is provided 
  • The keypad has LED light for night visibility 
  • A pry-resistant door makes it safer


  • Doesn’t include batteries

1. Awesafe Biometric Safe

Awesafe Biometric Safe

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This gun safe is solid heavy-duty steel, giving it a sturdy and well-built look, and it also has thick, high-quality foam padding in its interior. These features offer secure storage for guns and prevent external tampering. It comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner, a 4-digit keypad, and two manual keys as access options. That, together with its two heavy-duty lag bolts and pry-resistant handle, ensures that children cannot gain access into the safe.  The safe features an installed gas strut and a 30 second LED lighting for illumination, allowing discretion and interfering with visibility.

Additionally, it is of medium size and can fit two standard guns or a large pistol with extra ammunition and has a portable design making it compact and light and convenient for home use between mattresses or under a table or in a car under a seat or in spare tire wells. Its biometric fingerprint scanner allows up to 30 sets of prints and is easy to set up following a detailed user manual. The system provides access within a few seconds after scanning fingerprints. It is mountable into the wall or on the floor. These features make it perfect for office or domestic use. It also comes with AA batteries, a low battery indicator, and other accessories.


  • Reasonably priced for a safe of its range
  • Quick access after only 30 seconds of finger scanning
  • Detailed manual for easy mounting


  • Quite small, so internal storage space isn’t much

Buying Guide – Best Gun Cabinets 

Buying a gun cabinet requires a high level of knowledge, especially if you want one with maximum security.  It helps to understand the features and traits that you would like your gun cabinet to possess. With the below features, you’ll have adequate expertise.

  • Legal Requirements

Possession of firearms comes with strict laws to follow. When looking to purchase a gun safe, you must ensure that it is within the state legal requirements. There are several online tools to check if a specific gun safe is DOJ approved.

  • Size

The choice of how large or small you want your gun safe to be is strictly individual. It demands a significant amount of meditation and the main factor to consider is the number of firearms you plan to secure.

  • Sturdy Construction

When acquiring a gun safe, it is paramount to ensure that it’s healthy and durable enough to resist tampering of any kind. You have to put much consideration into how thick the walls are and how pry-resistant the door is. 

  • Type of Lock

Gun safes come with either a digital keypad lock or an electronic lock, which most of the time is biometric or both. To purchase the right safe, you must look into each type of lock’s advantages and disadvantages. Some gun safes also come with a manual override key, which is an added advantage.


Any responsible gun owner needs a competent gun cabinet for safety. It not only protects your firearm from theft, but also protects those around you from gaining access to your weapon. It also protects your firearms from calamities like floods and fire. That’s why it is essential to carefully review a gun safe before you decide to buy it.

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