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Best Under Bed Shoe Storages in 2023

Being organized helps you in many ways having that talent or skill allows you to save time as well as protect your items a lot better. When it comes to shoes, they last longer if you use one of the top 13 best under bed shoe storages in 2023.

These storage units allow you to organize your shoes and make them very easy to find. You do not lose any time searching for the missing foot. Plus, these storage units help you protect your shoes from any knocks or being stepped on accidentally.

After reading our review and finding out the best under bed shoe storages in 2023, continue on to read our buyer’s guide. Getting a few pointers never hurt anyone and helps you find those perfect shoe storage bins that keep your shoes looking great.

List of Best Under Bed Shoe Storages in 2023


13. Magicfly Under Bed shoe Storage

13.Under Bed Shoes Storage Organizer with Built-in Structure, Sneaker Closet Underbed Shoe Holder Rack

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This top shoe storage allows you to place 6 pairs of shoes inside its strong borders. With nice dividers, your shoes should not knock against each other or be scratched up. The shoes should remain in top condition when not in use.

Plus, an easy to pull fabric handle lets you get to your stored shoes immediately. There is no hassle as you just grab and pull. In addition the approx. 40 by 24 by 6-inch shoe organizer should fit easily under most elevated beds. It provides you with extra storage space when your closet is full and there is no place to lay your shoes. A plastic cover keeps the dust, water, and bugs away from your shoes.

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12. Stylishom Under Bed Shoe Storage

12.Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizers ,2 Pack Fit 24 Pairs, Underbed Shoe Storage Containers Box Bags

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As they say, 2 is always better than one. When it comes to storing shoes that statement is very true. This 2 pack gives you slots to store up to 12 pairs of shoes at one time. How you arrange them i sup to you. Their approx. 30 by 25 by 6-inch size should have them fitting side by side under your bed.

It just takes a second to pull them out to retrieve the shoes you want to wear. When not organizing your shoes these shoe storage containers fold up nice and small. A dustproof cover makes sure your shoes stay clean while waiting for their turn to be worn. Plus the cover will keep spiders, etc., away from hiding in your shoes.

11. Vailando Under Bed Shoe Storage

11.Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizers and Cotton Fabric Bags, 2 Pc Shoe Organizers

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You may not be Imelda Marcos and own 3000 pairs of shoes but you may own a lot. That is where these top under bed shoe organizers come in handy. They let you organize your many shoes and keep them safe under your bed. In addition, you get 2 shoe storage containers that hold 8 pairs of shoes each.

That makes sure your other half of the set does not get lost. Then the handy covers are zippered closed to make sure there are no surprises inside your shoes when you go to put them on. Unzip and roll back the covers when you want to get another pair of shoes for the day. Adjustable dividers allow you to customize the space you have to use.

10. Holdn Storage Extra-Large Under Bed Shoe Storage

10.Extra-Large Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer - Underbed Storage Solution Fits Men's and Women's Shoes

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8 pairs of shoes can fit on each side of this shoe storage container. If your shoe supply is too large to handle, then this option is going to bring you the best solution. Taking in 16 pairs of shoes means you save on floor and closet space.

Then with the shoe storage fitting under your bed, your shoes remain safely out of your way till called upon for active duty. The approx. 37 by 23 by 5-inch shoe organizer makes sure you have plenty of room for all of your shoes.

On top of that, the organizer is sturdy, durable, and very dependable. It holds onto your shoes and keeps them protected by covering them up when not needed. Its tear-resistant fabric enables this shoe holder to work with you for many years.

9. Tidy Home Under Bed Shoe Storage

9.Under bed Shoe Storage Organizer - UPGRADED DESIGN - Adjustable Dividers

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A place for everything and everything in its place applies to shoes as well as other items. With this top under bed shoe storage, you have a place for 12 pairs of shoes. Those pairs remain safe and sound when lying inside and under your bed. In addition, you have tough materials for holding your shoes. Cardboard reinforced non-woven fabric stands up to a lot of use.

Then the fabric handle on the side lets you pull the organizer out quickly. It is simple and easy to use an organizer that protects your expensive shoes. After you get your shoes inside, the cover protects them from dust and even humidity. Your shoes should last longer and look better for a long time to come. Fits under your bed nice and easy as well.

8. Onlyeasy Sturdy Under Bed Shoe Storage

8.Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer Set of 2, Fits 24 Pairs Total, Underbed Shoes Closet Storage

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Measuring approx. 29 by 24 by 6 inches in size you have a lot of space to fill with your shoes. It is okay if you do not have a maximum of 24 pairs of shoes at the moment, you will get there eventually. 2 sets of handles let you place these shoe storages under your bed in a manner that is most convenient for you.

Then while you wait to get that many pairs of shoes, you can fold them up and put them away in small places till you need them. A clear plastic cover lets you decide which shoes you are going to wear before you open the storage up. With these shoe storage containers on the job, your shoes should be safe and keep from being damaged.

7. Vieshful Large Under Bed Shoe Organizer

7.Under Bed Shoe Organizer Storage Bag with Warterproof Linen Fabric, Reinforced Handle

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The clear plastic cover lets you keep in mind the different colors and types of shoes you already own. The clear view also protects your shoes from any accidental spills or dust, not to mention those creepy crawlers you hate so much.

With flexible soft dividers, your shoes should not get damaged while inside resting from their previous work. Measuring about 31 by 24 by 6 inches in size, you can place these shoe storages under your bed or even in a portable storage closet. This pack of 2 shoe storage containers also stack on top of each other to save you some floor space when you do not have a lot to spare.

6. Lifewit Shoe Storage Organizer

6.Shoe Storage Organizer Large Adjustable Dividers Under Bed Bag with Durable Fabric

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Adjustable dividers give you lots of shoe storage options. You can arrange your shoes to fit even when some are larger than others. Without the customization, you can fit 6 pairs of shoes on each side of each storage container.

On top of that, the roughly 31 by 24 by 6-inch shoe storages fit comfortably under your bed. If you have lots of space they will even stack on top of each other. Strong zippers keep the transparent cover closed. With your shoes safely inside, you can pick one out and wear them with confidence. Reinforced handles make sure you can pull these containers out without ripping the handles off.

5. Homyfort Shoe Organizer

5.Shoe Organizer Under Bed,Fit 12 Pairs Underbed Shoe Container Box Storage with Clear Window

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For some people, the space under their beds is just wasted space. You do not have to follow their example and turn to these under bed shoe storages to keep your shoes nice and organized. The dividers are soft enough to make sure your shoes remain damage-free.

Plus, you have room for 12 pairs of your shoes. With strong handles on the side and end, reaching your shoes is not going to be that hard. Once you pull them out, the cover unzips and you can get the shoes you want to wear with ease. After you get that pair of shoes, just re-zip the cover and slide the container back under your bed. The handles make moving your shoes to a new place simple.

4. Organize City Under Bed Shoe Storage

4.Set of 2 Under Bed Shoe Storage - All 4 Sides is Sturdy- Drawers,Closet Box Organizer Natural Canvas

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Being organized is a good sign and says a lot about you. That message is you know how to employ top shoe storages to make sure your money is not wasted. These storage containers protect your shoe investment and keep them ready to wear.

In addition to that, they come in a nice color that is easy on the eyes. A strong zipper keeps the plastic cover in place till you need to open it up and retrieve your next pair of shoes. The approx. 30 by 23 by 5 inches of space allows you to store about 12 pairs of shoes in each storage container. If you do not have that many pairs of shoes, then store some seasonal clothing inside.

3. StorageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage

3.Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer, Adjustable Dividers - Set of 2, Fits 24 Pairs Total

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Velcro strips allow you to customize this pair of under bed shoe storages to make sure all your shoes,no matter their size, fit inside. Just a few minutes of your time, and you can have your shoes placed neatly and safely.

With 30 by 24 by 5 inches, approx., of space you can fit large or small shoes where they can be protected. The clear cover zips up and lets you see where your shoes are so retrieval goes off smoothly.

Dual handles make grabbing the shoe storage very convenient. A slight push gets them back under your bed without causing you any trouble. When not needed, the pair of shoe storages fold up quickly.

2. Woffit Under The Bed Shoe Organizer

2.Under The Bed Shoe Organizer Fits 16 Pairs + 4 Pairs Boots – Sturdy & Breathable Materials

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If you are a boot person then you may have a great time with these two under-bed shoe storages. Each one holds up to 4 boots. This makes sure the boots remain in the same shape as when you placed them under the shoe storage care.

Or you can use them to store up to 16 pairs of shoes along with a combination of the two. These shoe storages are safe to use, flexible, and durable. You should not have to replace them any time soon. Strong zippers keep the clear dust cover in place. Water and humidity should also not be able to find a way inside.

1. Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer

1.Under Bed Shoe Organizer for Kids and Adults - 12 Pairs - (2 Pack) - Underbed Shoes Closet Storage

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For the woman or man who has everything. These top under bed shoe storages make sure those extra shoes can be stored properly and put away in an organized fashion. With about 28 by 24 by 6 inches of space, you can store a lot of shoes inside.

These models work best for children’s shoes making sure your kids do not ruin them too soon. Plus, your children learn a valuable lesson about putting their things away. Also, they are flexible in that they can store those shoes in a variety of places besides being under your children’s beds.

Our Best Under Bed Shoe Storages in 2023

Getting tips to the best Under Bed Shoe Storages helps save you a lot of money. Here are a few to help guide your search:


These shoe storage containers are economical and should fit into any budget.


If you have a lot of shoes, then you will want the larger sizes. Buy the one that fits your shoe storage needs.


You want the ones made with fabric and cardboard. They are sturdy, flexible as well as easy to fold up when not needed.


Most of the top shoe storages come with custom-fit dividers. That flexibility and versatility are what you want when you own odd-sized shoes.


Check the zippers and the plastic cover to make sure they will hold up under years of use

In Conclusion

Whether you have a large or small shoe collection doesn’t matter. What matters is that you use one of the top 13 best under bed shoe storages in 2023 to keep those shoes in top shape. Nothing but the best will do when you have expensive and one of a kind shoes to take care of and organize.

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